Swansoft, in partnership with Peninsula, offering Employment Law and Health and Safety services.

Why we work with Peninsula

At Swansoft we recognise the burden (and the benefits) of administrative and compliance costs of regulation on small businesses in the Channel Islands. Areas such as workplace health and safety, employment law, data protection regulations and discrimination law are particularly important that impact on day-to-day running of businesses. 

We have chosen to work with Peninsula because they have proven they can work with smaller businesses to meet regulatory requirements by providing simple clear guidance on how to comply with the essential for helping to reduce the negative consequences of regulation. Like Swansoft, Peninsula   can help you rise to the challenges allowing you to seize new opportunities.

To find out more or arrange a free no obligations meeting with Rory Zaleski from Peninsula to help you understand how the latest legislation might affect your business, what the risks are of getting it wrong and what your options are to put it right, please click here.

Stephen Oliver, Director at Swansoft